4 Tips you should notice when hanging swing from a tree

Oct 15 , 2020


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4 Tips you should notice when hanging swing from a tree

Many people enjoy the leisure time lying on the swing in the yard and reading. In the sun, it is also very pleasant to sit on a swing with the children and play games. Sometimes, the children will climb up and down the swing together with their friends so the yard is full of children's laughter and the whole house is full of vitality.

But for parents, safety is a concern when children are playing on the swing. If we want children to play on a safe swing, what should we pay attention to when installing the swing?

First, choose the right tree.

Before installation, you need to check the health of the trees. If the large tree trunk you choose has been eroded by insects and the health status has been affected, then you'd better look for other installation sites. If the tree is healthy and you are sure that the big branches have enough load-bearing capacity, then you can safely install your swing on it.

Second, check your yard.

You'd better check if there are any sharp objects or hard rocks around the yard. If there are any, please clean them up in time! When children are playing on the swing, they are most likely to fall because sometimes they are not standing firmly, and any hard objects around may cause them to be injured. In addition, if your child is still very young, please stay by his side while he is playing on the swing.


Third, adjust the height of the swing appropriately

The height of the swing can be adjusted according to demand. If your child is still very young, please try to reduce the installation height of the swing, so as to minimize the possibility of falling. If children want to make the swing higher and ask you to do it, then you may need to make a decision based on the actual situation. In addition, Klokick swings have two installation methods, one can make the swing move back and forth, and the other can make the swing rotate 360 degrees. You can install the swing according to the needs of children. 

Fourth, try not to expose the swing directly to the sun

If you choose a Textliene fabric swing, it does not matter if it is installed outdoors without shelter. Textliene fabric is more durable and does not fade easily in the sun. If you choose a swing of other fabrics, then I highly recommend that you install the swing under lush branches to prevent long-term exposure to the sun and cause fading and aging. In addition, if the swing is not used for a long time, it is recommended to store the swing indoors.

There is no doubt that swings will bring a lot of joy for children to the family, and safe and durable swings will continue this happiness indefinitely.

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