5 tips you should notice when you begin to assemble a zipline kit.

Jan 11 , 2021


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5 tips you should notice when you begin to assemble a zipline kit.

Zipline is defined as a cable suspended on an incline, with pulleys and safety belts attached to the rider. The inclination of the zipline allows the rider to pull along the line by gravity. Today, ziplines are mainly used for leisure and entertainment, such as eco-tourism. On these trips, guests can explore the beauty of islands such as Maui and Kauai from above without leaving carbon footprint in the area. 

But today, what we focused is not the zipline for adult but for kids. Generally speaking, large-scale zipline projects will prohibit children from participating, because it is unacceptable for kids to slide from a high altitude, and they are more likely to be dangerous. If children want to try the fun of flying, generally, installing a zipline suit in the courtyard of the home can let the children experience the fun.

Here are 5 tips you should notice when you begin to assemble a zipline kit.

1.Choose a healthy tree

Before installing zipline, you need to make sure that the tree you choose is strong and healthy. If the tree trunks are biting or aging, try not to use them. Before installation, test the load-bearing capacity of the tree as much as possible to avoid any accidents after installing the zipline.

2.Test the tightness and load-bearing capacity of the cable

After installing the zipline, you need to test the tightness and load-bearing capacity of the cable for your child. Use trolley to slide down from both ends of the cable to ensure that your child is safe enough to use. Moreover, the cable does not need to be pulled too tightly, nor too loose. If it is too tight, the cable may break. If it is too loose, the experience of the game will be reduced.

3.Don't let kids below 3 approach

If you have children under the age of 3 who are curious about zipline and want to experience it, the suggestion is to keep them away from the zipline installed on the tree. The small parts contained in the zipline set may cause harm to children at any time, and even the floating swing seat may knock them down. So keep them away from the zipline suit, let alone have a try.

4.Be beside the flying child

When your child starts to use the zipline suit, you need to stay with the child as much as possible, or you need to make sure that the child is old enough and able to cope with falls or other emergencies. Otherwise, please stay with your child to avoid any incidents.

5.Regularly check the condition of the zipline package

After you install the zipline package, it doesn't mean you can ignore it. Zipline is a highly entertaining and exciting entertainment facility, so it is necessary to pay more attention to safety issues. You'd better check the zipline cables and all other accessories regularly. If you find the cables are worn out or other small accessories are loose or dropped, you should replace them in time.

The above are the five points you need to pay attention to when installing zipline. Now, let your child experience the feeling of adventure and flying!

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