Nov 05 , 2020


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There’s nothing better than watching the little ones laugh and play on the backyard playset. And knowing your tree swing is sturdy and secure simply adds to this satisfaction! But kids are prone to injuries during outdoor sports. How can this be reduced or avoided? Here are the top 6 safety features every backyard swing should have.

1.Durable and heavy - bearing swing rope

It is not uncommon for a swing to fall due to a lack of weight, and children may be injured as a result. If the rope is thin or the swing material is not strong enough to support a lot of weight, you will always face safety issues when lying on the swing. So, try to choose a rope with a high load bearing capacity and a thick rope will be your first consideration.

2.Recessed, tightened hardware

All of our tree swing feature recessed hardware. We know how important it is to eliminate anything that your child’s clothing could catch on. At Klokick, we highly recommend you make sure the swing you buy has recessed hardware. If you’ve already purchased a swing that has protruding hardware, consider replacing the hardware, or simply remind the kids to not wear loose or baggy clothing. Also, be mindful to perform annual checks on the swing to make sure the bolts are tightened properly.

3.Bolts, not nails or staples

Your tree swing should have only bolts to connect the pieces and parts together. Zero nails or staples should be used to construct your swing. Nails and staples are simply too weak and they also stick out from the tube, creating a safety hazard for the children playing on it.

4.In-tact Accessories And Activity Areas

If your swing set has been in use for several seasons, it is a good idea to check and make sure the accessories are intact. Look for pulls or tears in the swing bottom fabric, make sure any tree swing rope is in good condition, replace the rope if necessary, etc.

5.Installation Place

When the swing is moving, the space is sometimes much larger than you think, so when you choose a place to install the swing, try to choose a large open space and don't have any obstructions around it. This will prevent your child from being injured.

6.Check the Size of the Swing Mesh

If you buy a swing with a net swing, and your child is still very young, please make sure that your swing has a small mesh. In this way, when children sit on the swing and play, they will not fall down because their feet get stuck in the mesh and lose their balance. For sure, if you choose a saucer swing or a platform swing, there will be no such problem.

It is important to be aware of these 6 points when purchasing a tree swing or swing set for your child. After your purchase, continue to keep these tips in mind as you maintain your tree swing and replace or add on accessories. If you have any questions about your tree swing, contact us by email or phone call!

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