Different ways to hang a swing between two trees

Jun 16 , 2021


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Different ways to hang a swing between two trees

Now Klokick can provide you with a variety of swings, round, square, or tent swings. But you may not have suitable and strong branches to install the swing. Well. You can choose to install the swing between two trees. After choosing the right swing and tree, we can start to install it!

Here are some of the methods you can choose:

 1.Ratchet belt method

A ratchet strap or tie strap is a webbed strap that can be used to tie a tree trunk to hold the swing in place. If you want to set up a temporary swing in a campsite or backyard, using a ratchet strap is a convenient tool.

The ratchet strap method is very convenient, especially if you don't have the tools to install the beam or don't have much free time. All you need is straps, D-rings, carabiner and your favorite swing or hammock.

2.Beam Method

If you want to use a large swing like a platform swing that can withstand the weight of multiple people, a beam connecting two trees is the best choice. If you have the tools, this method will be better to build a permanent swing.

Over time, trees will grow around the material to which you are attached. The sturdy wooden beam can bear the weight you put on it, or it can be permanently fixed to the tree. You also need power tools, such as a drill, saw, and a string of bolts to hold the beam in place and make the swing safe to use.

3.Eye bolt method

An eye bolt is a metal similar to a screw, in which you can attach a sling or swing rope. After preparing the eye bolts, insert them into the beams with tools, and then connect the swings with ropes. However, this method cannot bear too much weight and requires a strong beam to secure the rope for swinging. 

The use of eye bolts for swings has an aesthetic effect. If you are more interested in creating a simple and relaxing atmosphere, then this method is suitable for you

 4.Knot Method

One way to create a single order for hanging a swing between two trees is to tie the two ropes of the swing with straps and tie them around to the trunk of the tree. If you don't have any materials and only have a swing and a nylon rope, you can make a knot to fix your swing.

When using this method, please pay attention to adjusting the height of the strap to prevent the strap from falling down due to long-term use of the swing.

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