How to Choose Your Tree Swing?

Oct 29 , 2020


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How to Choose Your Tree Swing?

Many people have fond memories of swings. Whether it is the tire swing under the big tree in the childhood yard or the wooden swing when the parents are playing in the park, we remember them deeply. So now, do you plan to install a swing at home to re-experience the beauty of the time? Or are you planning to start creating beautiful memories for your children? If not, you should!

But now, the types of swings are not limited to the previous wooden swings or tire swings. The types have increased and the entertainment is diverse. So how to choose the most suitable swing for you? Here are some introductions for swings.

Wooden tree swing

The wooden swing is the simplest swing. It has no complicated accessories and does not require much space when installed indoors and outdoors. Generally speaking, wooden swings are divided into single swings and multiple swings. Single swing is not suitable for very young children, because the contact area of this kind of swing is small, and the child needs to have enough strength to grasp the rope to maintain balance. A single swing can only be played by one person. If you have a few children in your family, obviously this is not a good choice.

The multiplayer wooden swing is actually just an enlarged version of the single swing. It can accommodate two to three persons at the same time, but this kind of swing is not particularly safe and firm because the bearing capacity of the wooden swing is limited. Therefore, the multi-person wooden swing can only swing slightly and cannot fly too high. And for sure, the problems of the single wooden swing also exist.

Spider web tree swing

Net swings are generally round. You can choose the size of the swing according to the number of people you need to accommodate at the same time. Because of the larger contact area, children will feel more secure when playing on the swing. However, the net of a swing is generally slightly elastic, so the middle part of the swing may sink when children sit on the swing, and when the children get off the swing, the net rope will return to its original shape.

Saucer swing/platform swing

The bottom of the saucer swing/platform swing is generally Oxford cloth or Textliene cloth. Compared with the net swing, it can make children feel safer, so it is more suitable for especially small children to play. You can also control the height of the swing by adjusting the rope, making it more suitable for children of different ages.

The skycurve swing is also a kind of platform swing. Its design is very unique, concave in the middle and convex on both sides, which can reduce your center of gravity when swinging. It is not easy to fly out the swing, reducing the risk of children playing.

Hammock tree swing

The hammock swing is more used for swaying rather than for swinging. When you lie in a hammock, it is like lying on your comfortable bed, but at the same time you can gently shake it, this feeling will be more relaxed. Compared with other swings, the hammock swing is more like a leisure place than a children's entertainment toy. 

When you use a hammock, you need to have enough strength to maintain the balance. Because it is easy to cause the hammock to roll over due to losing center of gravity. For young kids, this may not be a good choice

After reading the above introduction, I believe you have a better understanding of swings. So, get a swing for your family and you can enjoy the swing this weekend!

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