How to hang a swing on a tree without branches?

Nov 30 , 2020


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How to hang a swing on a tree without branches?

Children love swings, and sometimes it can be difficult to set a swing in your yard. Usually, the swing is hung on a branch of the tree. But what if you own a tree that does not have such branches? Here I will provide a method, let us see how to hang a swing on a tree without branches?

In the process of hanging the swing, you may need some additional tools, but as long as you pay attention to the safety details, the use of these tools will not be difficult for you. If you have everything you need, the project will not take more than a day to complete, so let's get started!

To swing on a tree, you will need a branch roughly parallel to the ground. Otherwise this will be the ideal situation. However, if your available tree does not provide such a branch, you can "add" it.

Choose a sturdy tree.

The tree you choose is very important for the safety of your children during the swing. You need to check whether there are old trees in the yard that can support its weight. If you choose a young tree, it may not be strong enough, and it may easily break during hanging or fall off later when swinging.

A strong tree must be at least ten years old, and many roots are fixed to the ground. Oak trees are often the best choice for this job, but in the end, you will have to choose according to your environment.

Choose the material for your artificial branch.

Creating artificial branches is not the most natural thing. But this step is a very important step in determining the age and safety of your swing. To create branches, you need to use resistant materials, such as strong wooden boards or metal plates. The resistance of this branch should be the main criterion.

Before choosing this material, also remember that you will have to be able to drill or nail it into the original tree. Therefore, it must adapt to these changes. As for the length of the branch, please make sure that its length is at least 1.8 meters and its thickness is sufficient to support the weight.

Attach the new branch to the tree.

After preparing the tree and the new artificial branches, just put them together. You will need drills, nails or bolts and good observation. Look at your tree and find a lower position that allows you to attach branches. This location is most likely the location where the remaining branches begin to separate from the trunk. The best option is to place one end of the artificial branch on the tree trunk and nail it to the tree as safely as possible.

The part of the branch hanging outside the tree must be one to two meters long and parallel to the ground. If it is too long, it will damage its stability and cause danger in the swing process. Make sure that the board you are using is firmly nailed to the trunk and strong enough to not move.

After fixing the artificial branches on the tree, you can hang the swing on it. One thing to remind here is, please remember to check the firmness of the artificial tree regularly, if it is loose or broken, please replace it in time to avoid injury.

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