How to keep Metal Swing Sets from Rusting

Apr 29 , 2021


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How to keep Metal Swing Sets from Rusting

If there are no suitable trees outdoors, we usually choose to buy a swing frame for the children to let them enjoy the swing. However, if the metal swing frame is placed outdoors without maintenance, it may rust over a long period of time. So what should we do?

To prevent rust, you should understand what it is and why it occurs. Rust is also called iron oxide. Anything that contains iron can rust. Rust is a chemical reaction called iron oxidation, which occurs when iron comes in contact with water and oxygen. Once rust begins, it is difficult to stop, almost impossible. Can not completely cure rust. Therefore, prevention is very important. You will notice the rust because it is a bright color that will distinguish it from the color of the metal swing.

what can you do?

There are two ways to prevent rust on the metal swing. Some of them seem simple, and some may take you more time to complete. Here are a few things you can do.

Paint your swing

This usually does not mean painting your swing bright orange or red. Nevertheless, rust can be prevented. There are metal primers and metal paints specifically designed for rust prevention on the market, and they do very well. In fact, the metal swing has a protective layer of metal paint after you buy it, but if you paint the metal primer again on all metal swings, it will protect your swing as if it were galvanized. Therefore, you can save money instead of buying a galvanized swing kit and painting it yourself.

Paint nuts and bolts

It is very important that the nuts and bolts of the metal swing kit do not rust. Nuts and bolts fasten the entire swing together. Do a good job of painting each nut or bolt, making sure the whole thing is covered with paint. Many people ignore nuts and bolts because of their small surface area. They focus on the larger areas and apply very good paint on these areas. Paint nuts and bolts are almost more important than obtaining all other parts. Rust can cause nuts and bolts to crack, corrode and turn into dust. It is not a very safe place for your children. Please paint the nuts and bolts before assembling the swing. This will ensure that they are completely covered.

If it has rusted, can I save my swing?

Yes, you can. Although, this requires you to put in a lot of work and determination. Rust starts to spread very quickly, so it is difficult to stop. If you find that it has started to develop, take immediate action to stop it. The rust that has created holes in your metal swing is difficult to repair. Make sure to take action before then. You need to scrape off all the rust to prevent it from spreading and sand it away. Make sure that there are no more signs of rust. Sanders usually do the best in this regard. Wipe off all debris and make the surface completely clean. Then, as previously described, paint the polished spots with a metallic primer and two layers of metallic polymer paint. It may take some time to polish all the rust spots, but it is worth it, because the rust will not spread out and cause no further damage.

In addition, the placement of the swing is very important to prevent rust. Try not to place the swing in a humid environment, which can effectively reduce the possibility of rust. You need to pay close attention to the swing to prevent rust. You will be happy to take these precautions to make the metal swing very long life. The metal swing device can be used continuously for a long time, and preventing rust is the key to achieving this goal.

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