Several questions always being asked when buying a saucer swing

Apr 12 , 2021


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Several questions always being asked when buying a saucer swing

When purchasing a saucer, people always ask several question about it. To better know the features of saucer swing, you can check the details below.

How much weight can saucer swing support?

Surprisingly, some of the weights in these saucer swings are said to be supportable. The maximum weight limit for saucer swing is 200 to 700 pounds. As you can imagine, a swing that can carry 700 pounds. This is great for home use. This way you can enjoy the swings with your children. The swing provided by Klokick has a load-bearing capacity of 660lbs to 700lbs, which can ensure the safety of children when playing on the swing.

Of course, if you choose a swing with a large load-bearing capacity, when installing the swing, please make sure that your installation steps are correct and firm enough.

Check if your tree can support the swing and its rider. You need to make sure that the tree and branches are large enough and healthy.

Is saucer swing safe?

Like any type of swing, you must take precautions to reduce the risk of riding a flying saucer swing. I say that the risk is less, because all activities have inherent risks. This includes riding a flying saucer swing.

First, you have to make sure to get a saucer swing. The size and weight of the swing depends on the number and number of riders that will ride on the swing. Second, you must make sure that the swing is hung correctly. Third, you must ensure that the ground has been cleaned up and has a good covering effect when falling. Fourth, you must ensure that the swing is used correctly.

None of these measures can guarantee that no one will be harmed. However, they will help minimize the hazards and injuries that may occur.

What should be placed on the ground under saucer swing?

The ground under the saucer swing is as important as the suspension method. First, clean the ground under the swing. Remove any sharp objects, branches, rocks, or anything else that may fall or hurt the rider when on a swing or fall. And make sure they are far away from the farthest point when the swing is swinging.

After clearing the ground, you need to determine where to place it under the swing. You can put natural grass, artificial grass, rubber mulch, rubber mat, etc.

Can I install a saucer swing on the existing swing frame?

Yes, you can install the flying saucer swing on the swing frame. Installing a saucer swing on a swing frame is the same as installing a tree swing. You only need to assemble the swing, and then hang it on the swing frame.

Are there different sizes of disc swings?

Most dish-shaped swings range in size from 24 inches to 45 inches. In klokick, we offer swings from 32inch to 45inch. If you want a larger swing for multiple people to swing, you should try a platform swing or skycurve swing. The maximum size of the platform swing is 60 inches.

Is a saucer swing the same as a spinner swing?

A saucer swing is a type of spinner swing. A spinner swing is any swing that spins. A spinner swing is hung with a swivel. The swivel makes it easy for the swing to spin.


  • 12 Apr 2021 Edward Reeves

    I think a saucer swing is really great. Specially for kids to ride together. It should have a good tree swing rope kit bundled with it much like the ones I got from The knots should be made well and the tree where we will hang it should also be chosen wisely to ensure safety!

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