The best tree swings of 2020

Sep 24 , 2020


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The best tree swings of 2020

What can make your yard funnier for your kids? An epic tree swing!

Help your kid have the best childhood memories with a safe and weather-resistant swing ready to spur on adventures for multiple children.

Find the best tree swing options here to make your backyard the best play area in the neighborhood.

Best tree swings

Why it’s best


40” spider web tree swing

Super sturdy web saucer swing

dries quickly and doesn’t pool water.

60” platform tree swing

Longer shape so kids can lay down or share

provide more space, and a child could even use it to lay down on for a new swinging experience or for stargazing

Giant 40" round colorful saucer tree swing

fun time design ready to hold up to 660 Pounds

a better option for children under the age of four years old, as littler kids cannot easily get out if they get stuck


If you only have space for one of the best tree swings, we highly recommend the Giant 40″ Round Colorful Saucer Tree Swing. It’s not only adorable but also safe and can support up to 660 pounds of weight. The cute lime design just adds to the fun and helps children get outside more and stay on electronics less.

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