Tips for choosing a tree swing for your yard

Sep 09 , 2020


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Tips for choosing a tree swing for your yard

There is no doubt that installing a tree swing in your yard can provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family. However, with so many choices now, it is tough to decide which one is the best tree swing for your backyard, whether a disc swing, tire swing, or a web tree swing.

Types of Tree Swings

There are a few different types of tree swings, with popular ones being the disc or saucer style swing. They are popular for more than one child and come with safety features. There are also tire swings for trees or stand up swings or large tree swings as well as traditional swings that can be attached to trees, swing sets, or patio gazebos!

Things to consider when buying a tree swing

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best tree swing for your family.

  • Dimensions of Kids Tree Swings
  • Seat Type
  • Safety Features
  • Weight Limits
  • Materials
  • What you plan to Hang the Tree Swing on
  • Consider a Spinner Mount


The most popular swing is the 40” saucer or web swing, which can accommodate more than one child. Klokick also stock these two kinds of tree swings. They are made of 900D Oxford fabric materials and 71 inch length Suspension Rope. The extra-strong rope swing is rated to 700lbs weight capacity.

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