What do you need to consider before buying bounce house?

Dec 24 , 2020


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What do you need to consider before buying bounce house?

Kids are fond of climbing on to the bounce house and jumping on it no matter in cold Winter or hot Summer. The moment they jumped up brings them the joy of flying. It will also bring them the exciting feelings when they slid down from the inflatable slide. Thus parents are willing to buy a bounce house as gift for their kids. But how can you choose the most suitable inflatable house?

The first is size and number of kids.

Actually the size for inflatable bounce house various from 6ft to 20ft for toddlers and larger children. If there are several kids playing on the bounce house, it’d better to choose large bounce house even the kids are small so that each kid have enough space to jump or lie down. Also, when choosing a bounce house, you need to calculate how many kids will jump together when it is holiday or a party. Generally, the weight limit of a single child on a small bounce house is much smaller than that of a large house. So you should look at the single weight limit described and make your choice. Another point is that when kids are going to jump on the bounce house, you'd better let children of similar age participate in one round of the game, while other children of similar age participate in the next round. This will prevent older children from accidentally injuring smaller ones.

The second is your installation place.

Before you buy a bounce house, sure you need to calculate how large the space you have to install it and the situation of the place. Basically, the space need to be large and taller than the inflated bounce house and no other obstacles like branches and the floor need to be cleaned without any stone or sand in case the bounce house is frayed or scratched. If there are lots of stones that can not be moved, you’d better find another good place. Also keep in mind that some bounce house have tunnels, slides, or exotic shapes built-in. This will take up more space.

The third is style of bounce house.

There are a variety of different sizes and shapes of bounce house for you to choose from. Some are in the shape of animals, and some are filled with entertainment venues such as slides, stairs, tunnels, etc. If your child is still young, you can choose a simpler shape so that the children will not easily hit obstacles and fall when jumping. If your child is over 6 years old, you can choose a more challenging bouncy castle for them, and they will also enjoy more joy. But one thing you need to pay attention to is that, no matter what, make sure there is an adult watching over to prevent the children from falling or having other accidents while playing.

Before buying a bounce house, please try to consider all the issues clearly, so that when you buy the most suitable castle for you, you and your children will enjoy endless joy

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