What’s the History of Swing?

Nov 20 , 2020


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What’s the History of Swing?

Everyone seems to have a special childhood memory about swings. Both newborn babies and grown-up adults have an inexplicable love for swings. When did the swing appear?

In fact, in many ancient civilizations, various cultures have invented such interesting equipment, which can sway throughout ancient civilizations until modern times.

As early as the 5th century BC, Greek artists who were famous for their vase paintings captured children and women on swings.In the United States, pioneers’ families use wooden sticks and ropes tied to trees to swing swings so that their children can enjoy flying in the family.

Over the centuries, the materials of the swings have also been constantly changing: wooden stick swings have been replaced by wooden swings; wooden swings have been replaced by tire swings; the rope materials attached to the swings have also been constantly replaced, becoming stronger and more durable.

Eventually, we began to design safer and more standardized swings in the late 1800s. Modern swings and other playground equipment are made of metal. In consideration of safety, a variety of more robust accessory connectors are used in the design, so adults and children do not have to worry about falling when playing at the same time. But the craftsmanship at that time was not particularly mature, and metal materials always had problems such as rust and corrosion outdoors.

Today's swing

In the early 20th century, most playground equipment was made of steel, which caused trouble for some unsafe playground equipment. It was not until the most recent revolution in the 1970s that the use of "softer" materials such as wood and plastic began to be recommended.

Due to these changes, playground injuries have become less and less. Continue to study modern implementation methods and safer structures to make one of the most useful and happiest childhood memories a safe and practical way to play.

And now, the choice of swing is more diverse. Many families will choose the classic tire swing, wood swing and belt swing. More families will choose disc swings or square swings with stronger weight bearing and larger contact area. The children gained infinite joy when they went on the swings.

Will swing continue to develop in the gaming environment?

The history of swing is undoubtedly an interesting history, and it is constantly changing and optimized as we grow up. Undeniably, it will continue to develop. But in general, no matter how the swing changes over the years, they will always put a smile on the children's faces.

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