Why do kids love swing?

Mar 26 , 2021


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Why do kids love swing?

In your childhood, how many times did you play on the swing? You are now an adult, so do you still use a swing? You may have fond memories of things that swayed as a child. Swing is always the favorite of kids and adults.

Do you remember the feeling of the wind blowing across your skin when you float up and down and laugh so carefree? The swing gives you the pleasure of floating in the air, as if you are climbing into the sky. It gives you a natural sense of joy, which you cannot get from other places.

When you fall from a thriving height, feelings of freedom, happiness, and peace envelop you. Many therapists have used swings as part of their treatment-look at these special needs swings that are often used in therapy. Both children and adults benefit from the therapeutic effects of the swing.

Motor development begins in early childhood. Your mobility is the result of the development of your sensory integration ability. Sensory integration is the process by which the brain interprets your sensory experience and connects it to your motor skills.

Sensory experiences include body awareness, sight, sound, movement, gravity (balance) and touch. For example, the sensory experience of gravity is interpreted by your brain and triggers your motor abilities to balance your body.

Sensory integration will explain what you need to do and tell your body how to do it. However, some children are unable to develop sensory integration, leading to sensory processing disorders. 

The use of swings has been one of the methods that have achieved remarkable success in helping children with sensory processing disorders. The therapist said that the therapeutic effect of the swing helps to soothe and calm the child. And it provides a sense of balance and security for children suffering from sensory integration disorders.

Some of the obvious benefits of swing include: 

1.Swing brings calmness

The back and forth movement of the swing gives people peace of mind. It can also stimulate your inner ears, thereby helping to improve your sensory integration.

2.Help improve mood

Have you ever seen someone sitting on a swing unhappy? Everyone on the swing, children and adults feel joy and happiness.

3.Keep balance and coordination

The swing will teach your child how to balance the body while trying to manipulate the swing.

4.Improve interpersonal relationship

Swing helps children establish contact with family members. To go to the park requires a child to be accompanied by an adult. Swing is not only for children. 

5.Helping children with autism

Swing can relieve and relax children with autism. It also enables them to interact with children without disabilities without feeling uncomfortable. 

If the feeling of flying is high on your list, then quickly find the swing that belongs to you. There is no age limit for the swing. The feeling of freedom and happiness is something anyone can have.


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